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Modern container-storage is indispensable to modern transportation-logistics. DMS is a leading innovator in this area, witnessed by the large selection found in our DMS-container-programs: 8-, 10 and 20 foot-containers, open flats or platforms and open-tops for oversized storage-goods. Our flexible offering allows us to meet all of your individual needs and requirements.

Interior Storage

DMS-Containers are suitable for every type of freight, whether home or office furniture, trade show material, finished products or what ever you might want to store. Our container storage system optimises storage space usage for your individual storage requirements.

Your products are secure and your business investment is safe. DMS-Containers are the perfect solution for your storage needs.

Our container centre is orderly and efficient. Through the use of our container tracking system, every container is tracked and can be easily located when you need it. Handling the containers is no problem for our modern crane-transport system.

By the way: Security is the Key

Sensitive and valuable goods - art objects, high tech equipment or heirlooms - can be securely stored in DMS-Containers, DMS-platform, flats or open-tops are ideally suited for any over-sized objects you may have. Files, archives, or even libraries can be optimally stored with these containers.

Storage container inside dimension:

Size Length Width Height
8 Fuß 2275 mm 2106 mm 2050 mm
10 Fuß 2831 mm 2344 mm 2376 mm
20 Fuß 5898 mm 2344 mm 2376 mm


One of the main keys to the DMS-Container is its mobility. Thousands of the big yellow boxes are continuously on the move throughout Germany, Europe and around the world. Through the modern and flexible transportation possibilities that the DMS-Container offers, they are able to be placed anywhere you need them - not just on the street. Through its conformity with European Rail transportation norms, the DMS-Container can be used on environmentally friendly means of transportation such as sea or rail.

DMS-Storage Box

It does not get any easier: Our unique Pick-Up and Drop-Off service makes container storage easy for all.

We place the DMS-Storage Box at a location of your choice. You pack and fill it at your own speed, then we pick it up, transport and store it in a safe and secure location.