Umzug (DMS) Fabrikverlagerung
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Factory Move


Everything is possible to achieve your objectives! Together with you as one team, we solve every kind of problem from the very first beginning of your move project. Thus we can make a realistic forecast of budget, time and resources.


To realize a professional move, an accurate analysis is required. We are developing the best move scenarios according your special needs to get sure, that your machines and storage racks will be moved safely.


Accurate planning is one key for a smart move. In a first step we define the quantity of move items and the relevant action items resulting in an overall project plan. This plan includes detailed planning, milestones, detailed task list, team members, action items and responsibilities.


Efficient and economical relocation needs a professional marking and move management system. For instance a clear and unique labeling will get sure, that all move items will be relocated and found 1:1.


All activities throughout your move will be managed by our experienced and professional DMS staff: Coordination, control, final approval, post processing and documentation of all measures – you have one partner you can count on. And you can concentrate on your business!