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1902 Andreas Schmitt establishes A+H Schmitt, in Böblingen as the German National Rails authorised delivery agent

1902-1928 Begins the furniture moving business using horse drawn Furniture-Rail Cars with Iron wheels.

The furniture was packed in cushioned cars, then placed on a Railcar and transported anywhere in Germany. At the receiving end another worker would then take the goods to their final destination. Interesting that in today's modern day transportation-logistics, this means of moving by railroad is referred to as "economically and ecologically friendly combination-transportation". ( Car & Rail ).

1918 2nd Generation of Schmitt takes over management of the company. Turnover of the business to the sons Hugo and Andreas Schmitt Jr.

1928 Purchase of the first rubber-wheeled "Transportation Truck"

1945 3rd Generation of Schmitt takes over management of company. Karl-Hermann Schmitt begins the era of expansion into the international moving business.

1955 Karl-Hermann Schmitt join the company and start the international business.

1968 Schmitt International becomes partner in the DMS(Deutsche Möbelspedition ) Group, Düsseldorf and DMS International, Bonn. International, Bonn.

1974 Paris, France office is established becoming the first German based moving company with a presence in France

1982 Opens newly built, completely modern moving and transportation facility in Böblingen, Röhrer Weg

1994 Receives certification of Quality standards via regulatory agencies : International DIN ISO EN 9001 and European DIN EN 12522 / 1+2

2000 Business partners Siegfried Reck and Klaus Tscheulin take on majority stake in company. Stefanie Schmitt takes over position of finance and bookkeeping from her mother, continuing the tradition of the founding Schmitt family into it's 4th Generation. Opening of newly built storage facility with office building in Böblingen-Hulb, Otto-Lilienthal-Str. 27 DMS establishes EMG - European Moving Group together with 4 other European moving companies

2005 Acquisition of the dispatch department of Wackler and foundation of Wackler & Schmitt Möbelspedition GmbH, Göppingen

2006 Foundation of Schmitt International srl in Medias, Romania.

2012 Certification to environmental management standard DIN ISO 14001.

2013 Acquisition of the moving department of Hegele, Karlsruhe and foundation of Hegele & Schmitt Möbelspedition GmbH, Karlsruhe.

2013 Opening of the new 4000 square meter logistic center in Boeblingen.